The Falmouth Working Boats Association has adopted a performance-based handicap system that gives every boat in the fleet a fair chance of winning some silverware during the year.  The Handicap Committee is charged with setting and reviewing handicaps, and usually does this three times each season.

Falmouth Working Boats Handicaps

‘B’ Class

Updated 4 January 2024

Boat NameSkipper/HelmSail NoHandicap
Abigail RoseS Harding 32
AgnesB Seller33
Cousin JinnyT Pearce56
DemelzaJ Andrew23
EndeavourJ Lowry6
FlorenceJ Matthews31
GraceD Tregaskas54
Helen MaryK Andrew11
LolaS Creedon 51
MabelB Chenoweth41
MildredD Cockwell4
MoonP Salman58
Nellie MayM Pullen29
RebeccaC De Glanville24
RitaR Edwards18
StellaI Jenkins2
VictoryD Carne7
WinnieA Williams10

‘C’ Class when sailing as ‘C’ Class (more than 2 boats)

Boat NameSkipper/HelmSail NoHandicap
Alf SmythersC Ranger60
Dolly B Ferris35
Iris Elizabeth  P Caldwell62
 Leila A Bird21
 Lottie P Slater28
 SapphireH Maples44
 Serica P Ferrris17