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Living relics from a byegone age, the Falmouth Working Boats make an impressive sight, and there can be few who are not inspired by the beauty of these powerful gaff-rigged cutters under sail.

Upcoming Events

  1. Silver Oyster

    November 5 @ 12:00 am

For sale: Sapphire

Heard 23 small working boat for sale, built 1988. Full set of sails including small jib and small staysail. Most of the ropes upgraded over the last year, including upgrading some hardware. Boat ready to go racing. £7850 ONO. Contact: 07833 437403

Supporting the Roseland Youth Sailing Trust

The FWBA has received this lovely (and clever!) thank you card and letter from the Roseland Youth Sailing Trust. It is gratifying to know that the support that the Working Boats are able to give to this really important and successful local group is appreciated and put to such good use.  

Championships auction for Stanley’s Friends

At this year’s Working Boat Championships an auction was held to raise money for Stanley’s Friends. The amount raised from the auction and a collection was £1382.20. The Barnes family sent this thank you card to the Association explaining how the money will make a difference in his Stanley’s life at school.

The Fleet

Read about the history, construction and designs of each of the Falmouth Working Boats

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